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A full breakfast buffet with freshly baked bread, pastries, croissants, fresh fruit display, healthy cereals and yoghurt bar, freshly squeezed orange juice, smoothies,  pancakes and other delights await you.

The buffet is meticulously arranged with attention to detail and is regularly restocked to ensure that all items remain fresh and inviting.

Guests can fill their plates with their desired combination of foods, and the pleasant atmosphere and delicious aromas make for a satisfying and enjoyable breakfast experience.



At ZUID you will discover a fusion of flavors from different Southern and vibrant traditions. Think of seafood pasta’s, mezze platters featuring hummus, zaalouk, calamari … or go for a traditional Moroccan tajine! 


Enjoy our warm and inviting atmosphere with  Mediterranean and North African influences while we take care of our perfect espresso or refreshing apero!


Looking forward to welcome you! 

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Let us take you to the South!

08/12 COUSCOUS on our menu

12/01 COUSCOUS on ur menu

09/02 - 17/02 Valentine's menu

soon more

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